History Of MAU

Mekdela Amba University is situated in a town called Tulu Awulia, 58 km South of the  historical place calld Mekdela Amba, South Wollo Zone, Amhara Region. It is 80 km West of  the zonal town Dessie. The university has 2 campuses, one in Tulu Awulia and the other in Mekane Selam, about 100 kms from the main campus.

It was established because of the government`s commitment towards the expansion of quality higher education with a reasonable distribution of higher education in the country. Based on these organizing principles, the foundation stone of the university was laid on  23 Feb, 2015 G.C by his Excellency Mr Demeke Mekonen, the Deputy Prime Minister of the F.D.R.E., and his excellency Mr Shiferawu Shigutie, the former Minister of Ministry of Education of the F.D.R.E. The university is one of the 11 4th generation universities which Ethiopia has planned to make operational in the 2nd GTP.

Thereafter, the construction of the university was started on a total land area of 340 hectares (200 hectars in Tulu Awulia and 140 hectars in Mekane Selam)  which was given by the  the Legambo Woreda. Tenta and Mekane Selam City adiministration respectively.

With the efforts of the university community, MAU envisions to be one of the 3 best universities in Ethiopia in providing quality education, conducting relevant and problem solving researches, and delivering multi-faceted community services by 2025 G.C. To do so, it is undertaking massive organizational activities to further enhancing its institutional capacity on areas of producing competent graduates, conducting problem solving research based on agreed up on thematic areas and offering community and consultancy services.

At present, the university is staffed with 62 academic staff ,136 administrative staff including technical workers. The university starts teaching learning this year by taking  1500 students (1000 in Tulu Awulia and 500 in Mekane selam campuses). It is expected that the intake capacity of the university will increase and a lot of activities that can facilitate the teaching learning process will be carried out accordingly.

MAU will also continue its endeavor to strengthen its partnership with the local communities as well as different government and non government organizations to achieve its vision.

Based on the mandate given by the Higher Education Proclamation No. 650/2009, Mekdela Amba  university works hard to frealize its vision on issues of promoting good governance on the basis of public interest and participation and producing competent and responsible citizens through research-based higher education. MAU will mobilize itself towards running various fields which go along labor-market needs and graduating professionals with relevant knowledge and skill. ۈ��.