Makdela Amba University,Mekane Salam Campus provided support to displaced people who do not have daily food.

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(January 2016 Public and International Relations)

Makdela Amba University is carrying out various activities to fulfill its mission of problem-solving research, need-based community service, and quality teaching and learning. The Executive Director of Mekene Salam Campus Mr Abdurehman Awol, said during his opening program that the amount of white powder and women’s hygiene support, estimated at more than 55 thousand birr from the internal resources of the Campus, is to save the displaced people who have lost their food and drink due to the current security crisis, and considering the low income levels of the society, He explained Mr Melaku Ayalew, the first deputy mayor of Mekane Salam city administration at the time, said when he handed over the resources, he thanked the support given to the people who do not have daily food in all the five urban kebeles and to the displaced people from different parts of the country. He said that the support will continue to be strengthened as there is a wide demand. Mrs. Fitfit Geto, the head representative of the Office of Women, Children and Social Affairs, expressed her gratitude for the support given by the university during the distribution of the powder. Organizations, NGOs and governmental bodies have been providing support to them, especially during this period. In addition, She announced that the university had donated sanitary materials for women and called on donors, governmental and non-governmental organizations to follow this good practice.

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