President Message

Message from the  President

Our Brand is Mekidella Amba”

MAU has been under an ongoing construction of different building complexes and infrastructural development since its establishment in 2007 E.C /2015 with a view to achieving a status of student enrollment in 2010 E.C to produce competent graduates. In addition to this ongoing construction, the university structural organization has been organized, and the administrative board, the president, vice presidents have been assigned. Moreover, academic and administrative staff members have been employed. Further additional academic, administrative and technical staff will be employed, trained and engaged to meet our mission and vision. 

MAU has set vision, that is, “aspires to be one of the 3 the best universities in Ethiopia by 2025 G.C. in the areas of delivering quality and relevant education, conducting problem-solving researches, and providing relevant and need-based community services..” To realize this vision, we will strive to carry out the mandates that have been given for the higher education to produce efficient graduates & undergraduates by offering quality based and research assisted education. We also strive to undertake problem solving researches that focus on national need and benefiting the community.  The university will make an effort to change livelihood of the surrounding community by offering community focused training, consultancy service, transferring technology and undertaking innovation. 

MAU is a new university. We are not going to study BPR and other transformational tools; rather we will implement the universal transformational tools such as kaizen, Bpr, Bsc and developmental work force group (Cooperative learning).  The university will endeavor to implement student centered method of teaching, team teaching accompanied by continuous assessment methods and active learning. At this initial stage, the MOE’s modularized curriculum will be implemented, and in the future, we will aspire to deliver integrated curricula.  By doing so, our students will be getting the necessary knowledge which can make them competent in their future career. 

MAU aims at having continuous staff development program, and the academic staff will be engaged in different long and short term training schemes to build their capacity. The staff will participate in doing researches on different thematic areas that can overcome the problems of the community. Less emphasis will not be given for the administrative staff, however. First, utmost care will be (and is being) taken to recruit competent support staff. Second, the staff will be encouraged to undergo supplementary training and relevant experience sharing to increase their capacity and efficiency. Moreover, MAU will create different partners, both internal and external. Together with these partners, the university will be involved in capacity building activities for the community.  

Finally, I would like to express my wish to the new MAU academic, administrative, technical staff, and different stakeholders to contribute a lot to the achievements of our young university. We will continue working hand in hand for the development of our university and the realization of our vision. 

“We will make a difference “

Dr Tamire Zewdie Tefera

Presidant, Mekidella Amba University ����|:���